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Interactive Click-Learning Tools  and Components of astrology

We will now review the components of astrology using Interactive Click-Learning Tools :
1) The 12 Signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces and their properties have to be studied for the quality of effects.
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2) Houses numbering 1 to 12 refer to Self, Earnings, Communication, Home, Pleasures, Health, Wife, Death, Religion, Status, Gains and Loss are the event houses In life.
3) Planets referenced as Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Rahu and Ketu are not planets but are imaginary points of intersection of orbits of Moon and Sun. Rahu is the Moons North Node and Ketu is Moons South Node The Sun represents the atmaa or the Soul and Moon represents the mind & body. Planets are the triggers for events and have specific qualities associated with them apart from the ownership of the Signs. Rahu and Ketu do not own any sign directly.
4) Nakshatras or Stars numbering 27 owned by the 9 planets are arranged in 3 sets of Stars. Each set is owned by planets from Ketu to Mercury. These 3 sets occupy a total of 12 signs hence each set occupies 4 signs.
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5) Planets in Sign, House and Stars modify or control events related to each house.
6) Planets influence each other by aspects or drishti and thereby are said to modify the events due to houses.
7) Cusps are the starting points of each house with reference to actual degrees assigned by computation based on the Sign that is rising on the Eastern Horizon represented by E in bold. The first cusp is always called as the Ascendant or the Lagna, the other 11 cusp are computed based on the placidus system of houses.
In a Natural Chart or Nisarga Kundali we will imagine that Aries sign is on the Eastern Horizon at 0D-0M-0S ( Degree is D, Minute is M and Seconds is S, will be referred to as D-M-S ) and the house system is based on Equal Houses for the ease of explanation only.
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This assumption helps because each sign and house are then mapped equally. Each house then takes on the properties assigned to the corresponding Signs. Aries Sign relates to House-01 and Pisces relates to House-12.
Suppose that Sun as the Sign-Lord of Leo and as Lord of House-5 is placed in Aries Sign and thereby in House-01. The results inferred would be of a general nature and mixed, based on the properties of Aries Sign and house-01 coupled with the properties of Sun as such and as lord of the Sign Leo and again as lord of House 05.
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The other issue to understand is the relative placement of Mars the owner of Sign Aries and as lord of House-01. All these variations and flavors will have to be understood and applied. We have yet not considered the precise D-M-S of Sun in House-01 and hence precision is still eluding us.
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The precision part is achieved by introducing the Nakshatra or stars allocated to each Sign based on D-M-S of Sun in house-01. This is elaborated in subsequent sections.
Stars in Signs
Star Star Star Lords Yrs. Sign & No. Sign & No. Sign & No.
 1 Ashwini  10 Magha  19 Moola Ketu 7  Aries-1  Leo-5  Sagi-9
 2 Bharani  11 Purva  20 P' ashad Venus 20  Aries-1  Leo-5  Sagi-9
 3 Kritika  12 Uttara  21 U' ashad Sun 6  Aries-1 Tau-2  Leo-5 Virg-6  Sag-9 Capr-10
 4 Rohini  13 Hasta  22 Shravan Moon 10  Taurus-2  Virgo-6  Capri-10
 5 Mriga  14 Chitra  23 Dhanista Mars 7  Tau-2 Gem-3  Virgo-6 Lib-7  Cap-10 Aqu-11
 6 Aadra  15 Swati  24 S' taraka Rahu 18  Gemini-3  Libra-7  Aqua-11
 7 Punarvasu  16 Vishaka  25 P' b'pada Jupiter 16  Gem-3 Can-4  Lib-7 Scor-8  Aqu-11 Pisc-12
 8 Pushya  17 Anuradha  26 U' b' pada Saturn 19  Cancer-4  Scorpio-8  Pisces-12
 9 Ashleshya  18 Jyeshta  27 Revati Mercury 17  Cancer-4  Scorpio-8  Pisces-12
Order of stars is as shown in the column of Lords and the no. of years in the Yrs. column. We observe that the 3 stars of Ketu are allocated to Signs/Houses 1 5 & 9. Sun, Mars & Jupiter are the only lords whose stars are shared in 2 houses whereas the stars of other lords are not shared amongst signs/houses.
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The other observation being that only Sun & Jupiter have stars in their own sign/house whereas all other lords are having its stars under distributed owners.
Stars in Signs based on owners of signs
Star Star Star Lords Yrs. Sign & No. Sign & No. Sign & No.
 1 Ashwini  10 Magha  19 Moola Ketu 7  Mar-1  Sun-5  Jup-9
 2 Bharani  11 Purva  20 P' ashad Venus 20  Mar-1  Sun-5  Jup-9
 3 Kritika  12 Uttara  21 U' ashad Sun 6  Mar-1 Ven-2  Sun-5 Mer-6  Jup-9 Sat-10
 4 Rohini  13 Hasta  22 Shravan Moon 10  Ven-2  Mer-6  Sat-10
 5 Mriga  14 Chitra  23 Dhanista Mars 7  Ven-2 Mer-3  Mer-6 Ven-7  Sat-10 Sat-11
 6 Aadra  15 Swati  24 S' taraka Rahu 18  Mer-3  Ven-7  Sat-11
 7 Punarvasu  16 Vishaka  25 P' b'pada Jupiter 16  Mer-3 Mon-4  Ven-7 Mar-8  Sat-11 Jup-12
 8 Pushya  17 Anuradha  26 U' b' pada Saturn 19  Mon-4  Mar-8  Jup-12
 9 Ashleshya  18 Jyeshta  27 Revati Mercury 17  Mon-4  Mar-8  Jup-12
Properties of Signs / Houses
1 Aries 4 Cancer 7 Libra 10 Capricorn Movable / Cardinal Angular Start
2 Taurus 5 Leo 8 Scorpio 11 Aquarius Fixed Succedent Control
3 Gemini 6 Virgo 9 Sagittarius 12 Pisces Mutable / Common Cadent Change
1 Aries 5 Leo 9 Sagittarius Fire 1-5-9 Life's aspirations Life Individual
2 Taurus 6 Virgo 10 Capricorn Earth 2-6-10 Material needs Wealth Temporal
3 Gemini 7 Libra 11 Aquarius Air 3-7-11 Sharing contacts Relation Relative
4 Cancer 8 Scorpio 12 Pisces Water 4-8-12 Emotional tranquility Emotion Terminal
We have seen earlier that the Nakshatra's or Stars are distributed in a 1-5-9 order so  also the distribution of Signs with its properties of Fire, Earth, Air & Water follows the 1-5-9 order.
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In the initial stages of analysis if one simply remembers the order of 1-5-9, 2-6-10, 3-7-11 and 4-8-12 while looking at a chart then the placement of Planets in the chart can show which of the houses are active in a chart.
The properties of the Sign on the House, the attributes of the planet owning the sign on the house shall shape the outcome of that house.
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If this house is vacant and the owner of the sign on the house is placed elsewhere then the outcome of this house stands modified as this owner is influenced by the new environment.
The outcome of this house shall be modified by other planets Drishti on the house.
The Longitudinal aspects by other planets on the owner of the sign on the house again modifies the outcome of the house under consideration.
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Finally the results of the house are modified by the planet's occupying the house. This planet shall bring in the results of his owned house to shape the outcome of the house under review.
We shall now consider a few keywords attributed to planets.

Keywords attributed to the 9 planets

Ketu Malefic spiritual detached dissatisfied separations break philosophers liberation
Venus Unite relate connect attachment attraction pleasures arts, wealth fortune
Sun Project express integrate authority courage  inflexible determination fame
Moon Respond react regulate calmness health thinking overall Life emotions
Mars Activate initiate move aggressive hate control ambitious loves work do by self 
Rahu Malefic desire ambition dissatisfied fear, radical accidents provocative deceptive
Jupiter Religion justice expand protection affluence advisors legal matters optimism
Saturn Control limit discipline patience seriousness philosopher difficulties adversities
Mercury Convey analyse messenger knowledge convertible liberal intelligence research
We shall now consider a few keywords attributed to Houses.
Description Keywords attributed to the 12 Houses
1 Personal/self-related concern, body physical vitality start, tendencies, life activity, head, vigor
2 Earning possession security wealth observe family document food voice express, profit, eye
3 Relates to immediate environment courage change inclination of mind,  firmness, agreement
4 Home & private life, mother, peace happiness vehicle land building water Edu. School/College
5 Instinctive affections/re-creation, tax pleasures child speculate, intellect Sports, Creative
6 Service given / received & health struggles debt fear, disease,danger obstacle, anguish
7 Partner / relations at personal level spouse partner legal agreements Interact with others
8 Material relations shared resources death, will sorrow anxiety, insult, pain scandal, obstacle
9 Mental, physical explorations, luck philosophy travel intution, wisdom, law Edu.Higher, Religion
10 Place in society & standing in world career status goverment, promotion occupation, honour
11 Hopes wishes attachments gains aspirations friends fulfillment, ambitions income, desires
12 Freedom restriction secret loss limitation bondage sin, poverty, misery investment, expense
Allocation of Nakshatras or Stars to each Sign and their Analysis :
01-Aries Mars is House-01 Stars = Ketu, Venus and Sun-1/4
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02-Taurus Venus is House-02 Stars = Sun-3/4, Moon, Mars-1/2
03-Gemini Mercury is House-03Stars = Mars-1/2, Rahu, Jupiter-3/4
04-Cancer Moon is House-04 Stars = Jupiter-1/4, Saturn, Mercury
05-Leo Sun is House-05 Stars = Ketu, Venus and Sun-1/4
06-Virgo Mercury is House-06 Stars = Sun-3/4, Moon, Mars-1/2
07-Libra Venus is House-07 Stars = Mars-1/2, Rahu, Jupiter-3/4
08-Scorpio Mars is House-08 Stars = Jupiter-1/4, Saturn, Mercury
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09-Sagittarius Jupiter is House-09 Stars = Ketu, Venus and Sun-1/4
10-Capricorn Saturn is House-10 Stars = Sun-3/4, Moon, Mars-1/2
11-Aquarius Saturn is House-11 Stars = Mars-1/2, Rahu, Jupiter-3/4
12-Pisces Jupiter is House-12 Stars = Jupiter-1/4, Saturn, Mercury
Observations about allocation of Stars :
House-01, House-05 and House-09 is Fire
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House-02, House-06 and House-10 is Earth
House-03, House-07 and House-11 is Air
House-04, House-08 and House-12 is Water
1-5-9, 2-6-10, 3-7-11 and 4-8-12 are a series having the same set of Stars. These houses are also called the Trine houses holding the basic elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
The allocation of stars in signs are made such that only Sun and Jupiter have 1/4 of their stars in the Signs owned by them whereas all other planets have none in their owned Signs.
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01-Aries ruled by Mars is House-01 and the Stars being Ketu, Venus and Sun-1/4
The first house is a Fire house which deals with Personal and Self related concerns and appearance are holding the Stars of Ketu, Venus and Sun.
The general outlook is structured by Ket, Venus and Sun in a joint manner. Venus is the lord of houses02 and 07, Sun being the lord of House-05 and Ketu shall represent the houses owned by Sign Lord occupied by it in the Chart.
Venus by itself relates to beauty and appearance and being the lord of house-02 relates to money matters and the family in general. Venus as the lord of house-07 represents the spouse or wife.
The 13D-20M sector of Venus takes care of the basic needs of life, Sun-05 as the lord of house-05 represents that facet of human existence relating to pleasures and or children. This part is just a minor part of house-01.
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Ketu is that variable which relates to your past life in some form or other and connects with the present life. Ketu is a malefic or loss causing by nature. By its sheer presence in favorable House or Sign or Star can disable the loss causing nature to a greater extent but shall always leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction in one way or another at mental level.
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If the first house or Sign is Aries then the relative placement of the 3 lords of the stars from this house shall define the success or failure of the individual at the primary level.
The properties or attributes of the first house stand changed or modified when a planet occupies the house. The nature and properties of the planet and the houses owned by it are important in changing the flavor of the results expected from house-01.
Imagine that the fist house is glass container with 3 independent sections filled with clear water representing a clean first house. A transiting planet with a healthy color will impart a similar glow to that section as seen from the top. If seen from the side then even the other sectors shall radiate the visiting planets color. The perspective in this case counts as it gives an impression limited to the viewers imagination and understanding of the planets and its attributes.
If more than one planet occupies the first house then the radiated color will be a mixture of personalities. Here the Container and the content both are variables and can influence each other.
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Trine houses 1-5-9 be read in a similar manner but by changing the lords of the signs.
02-Taurus ruled by Venus is House-02, Stars being Sun-3/4, Moon, Mars-1/2
Sun as lord of house-05 having 3/4 stars rules pleasure, children and the speculative aspects of earning money for the family.
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Moon as lord of house-04 having its star in house-02 is indicative of earning through produce of earth and or property.
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Mars-1/2 star in house-02 whereas the owned house is house-01 being in the 12 to house-02 indicates that Self has to expend for the family for earning.
Similarly Moon as lord of house-04 having its star in house-02 is in 11th position showing gains for house-04. Mars as the lord of house-08 holds a star in House-02.
Trine houses 2-6-10 be read in a similar manner but by changing the lords of the signs.
03-Gemini ruled by Mercury is House-03, Stars being Mars-1/2, Rahu, Jupiter-3/4
House-03 relates to Communication, relatives and Courage. Mars-1/2 part imparts courage as it owns House-01
Rahu is again a malefic like Ketu but more potent than Ketu and has a bearing to ones past life and its current position in the chart by the Sign, House and Star it occupies can improve or cause failure. Rahu represents deception or implies a threat perception in all matters pertaining to house-03.
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 Jupiter-3/4 star owning house-09 and house-12 has to balance the courage part of Mars star by religious and judicial counter balance by way of which all actions or communication should be firm and legally correct else Jupiter as lord of house-12 will play its role of causing a loss by legal or religious means.
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Trine houses 3-7-11 be read in a similar manner but by changing the lords of the signs.
04-Cancer ruled by Moon is House-04, Stars being Jupiter-1/4, Saturn, Mercury
 Personal home and private life sukhasthan and Matrusthan
Jupiter being Lord of house-09 and house-12 implies that quest for happiness leads to losses and reduction in the fortune factor as its owned house-9 is in 6 & 8 to house-4 whereas house-12 being a trine house which holds a star of jupiter itself is supportive to growth only when the objective is related to the produce from the earth in order to satisfy the basic needs.
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Saturn owns house 10 & 11 and its star in this house shall indicate that the house of gains being in 6 & 8 to this house one needs to struggle and then gain else the house-10 which is exactly opposite that of house-4 will also tend to suffer. Lack of status in the absence of efforts and thereby happiness denied or delayed.
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Mercury owning houses 3 & 6 being associated with communication, flexibility and intelligence facilitates the use of assistance and help from around you and intelligent use with labor to assist in success by efforts.
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The composition of the 4th house which stands for happiness has all the required components in the form of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury which represent, Correctness or fairness, Labor and intelligence if these are used in the correct proportion then happiness is possible and if any one component is more or less then it is destroyed. Similarly  house-8 and house-12 being in trine to house-4 will give the same results if the 3 components are unbalanced.
Trine houses 4-8-12 be read in a similar manner but by changing the lords of the signs.
KP Astrology is all about being able to anticipate events using Krishnamurthi Paddhati of Astrology and Shrikrishna Paddhati in combination. The Natal Chart, Horoscope  or Kundali are the basis one has to use as a starting point and then apply Star Lord Sub Lord concepts.

SKP is an exclusive method which can be learned in a DIY or Do-It-Yourself  mode with advanced Click-learning concepts.

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