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The Difference is Shrikrishna Paddhati - SKP
The Interactive Teaching Tools, Click-Learning Tools and all the concepts marked as different are being clubbed and referenced as Shrikrishna Paddhati - SKP
In continuation of the earlier introduction to Krishnamurthi Paddhati and his concepts of Star-lord and sub-lords applied to all entities in a chart let us try and understand that which is different in Shrikrishna Paddhati - SKP
Cusp Controllers in Transit : The author gives importance to the Cusp Controllers as they are the ones who support or negate an event in Transit. In Transit evaluate all the Dasha Lords for their effects by their respective Star-Lords and Subs and note down the event houses as one set of observations. This concept is different.
Check the Star and Sub : Then if you check the Cusps where each of these lords is in transit and note what the Cusp Star Lord and the Cusp-Sub-Lord indicate then you can understand more of the why, how or why not of events. This exercise should be attempted first on ones past events and then do the same in real-time by noting your innermost desires and see if you experience satisfaction or not while monitoring the Cusp Controllers. The concept of monitoring the Cusp Controllers  in Transit is different.
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Reuse - Rules : The same rules are used for the 7-planets, 2-Nodes and the 12 cusps which are exclusively yours alone whereas the planets & nodes are global in nature and have to serve all.
Do It Yourself : The use of the Cusp-controllers by the propounder was for obtaining a Yes or No for an answer. If you are inclined to experiment and have the time, then by using ones imagination you can improve the subjective understanding by performing a self analysis, which is the only way to understand your motivations and inclinations.
Other End of the Cusp : In event analysis there comes a time when you need to understand the concept of Co-Owners of the House. Since the Cusp can start anywhere in the 30 degree span of the house and since Nakshatra or the Star is an allocated part of the sign then how does the other Sign-Lord becomes redundant. The concept of Co-Owners of the House is different.
End is the beginning : It does not become redundant as any planet in such a star is under the rule of the sign-lord hence we have explored with events to conclude that the other Sign-Lord be termed as the Co-Owner of the House. The Cusp-Lord is the one at the start of the cusp and as per the span of the house the other Sign-Lords are active in forming the contents of the house. These can be proved while analyzing events with the use of Vimshottari Dasha or the Time-Line.  The concept of Co-Owners of the House is different.
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Co-Owners of House : As an example imagine that cusp-1 starts in one of the Venus Signs and spills over into Mars sign at the end of the house. Such a person will display both the traits of Mars as well as Venus depending upon the house occupied by them and their Star-lords and subs and also if planets are occupying the stars of Mars and Venus. If you have the inclination and the time then do try and explore with the same set of rules as defined by Shri K. S. Krishnamurti to the extent of Star-lord and the Sub-lord only. The use of the cusp controllers in Transit is an additional feature which is observed to work by us and is different.
Vimshottari Dasha : Let us now focus on reviewing the basis of the Vimshottari Dasha or the Time-Line and do some conceptual value addition to the system. Moon is the essential component of the dasha system. Moon when in a Sign, occupies a Star and a further Sub portion of that star. The Star-Lord is then called the Dasha Lord whereas the Sub-Lord becomes the Bhukti-Lord.
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Guardian-Lord of Dasha : Imagine as if Moon is in the first house under the primary  lordship of the House / Sign and is also in the very first star in that house. We have named this lord as the Guardian-Lord of the Dasha even though one could easily refer to it as the Lord of the house wherever Moon happens to be. The concept of a Guardian-Lord of Dasha is different.
Dasha flow : The Dasha of that star continues for the allocated number of years then the Dasha of the next star in that house commences followed by the Dasha of the 3rd star. In all these 3 Dashas our Guardian lord remains the same or may change in the last portion of the house. A part of this 3rd Dasha will continue into the house-2 where the Guardian-Lord will change and the 2nd house lord will take the role of the guardian lord.
Guardian Lord & Dasha flow : In short if Moon is in the first house the Guardian-Lords in the lifetime will be the lords of houses 1 to 4 as a total of 9 stars and their respective Dashas will amount to 120 years the sum total of all the years allocated to the Dashas. So the Guardian Lords position in the Chart based on KP can be used to understand the chart and life pattern and the flow of events. If these Guardian-Lords are not favorably placed from their respective houses then the Dashas contained in that house will naturally differ with the expected results or could be causing overall loss or equal loss and gains and for the fortunate ones only pure gains.
Quality of life and Guardian Lord : We can draw inferences to the qualitative extent by knowing from which house the life begins. If moon is in house 12 then depending on the extent of the sub occupied by moon and also in which star it is placed one can safely understand how long the guardian-lord as the lord of the house-12 can cause loss or distress to the person. As the dasha changes and the Guardian-Lord is the lord of the first house then all self related events become important provided the contained dasha lords are again well placed with respect to the first house. Here the Guardian-Lord and the contained Dasha-Lords both have to agree to be benefics. This Concept is different.
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Focus on the Dasha Lord : In real life terms, imagine that you are the head of the family in your own house. If you are strong and committed then your rule for the good of all is a happy scenario. The other side being that you are either employed or are in business then your star-lord in the first case is your employer and in the second case is your client.
Action Reaction : Imagine that the members in your house represent the scenario of the family members being placed in your star in other words you are their star-lord. In real life these are simultaneous situations and my best guess is that the family members in your stars will get the highest priority to structure your frame of mind and it may depend on the time you can allocate to each scenario. The primary focus will be the family members in your star which defines your horizons and the milestones you need to cover as an obligatory duty or love for the same.
Dasha Lords Priorities : In any given dasha the dasha lord will give priority to all those planets placed in its stars and the houses owned by the occupying planet will construe as the source of events along with the houses occupied by those planets. In turn the Dasha-lord will also service the demands placed by his own star-lord. This again is a simultaneous situation. In a situation when more planets are placed in the stars of the Dasha-lord you can safely expect an active dasha with more events and the exact opposite will be when no planets are placed in the star of the dasha- lord then the dasha lord will give full support and perform to the dictates of his star-lord alone. This could amount to a stable period in ones life with no major changes being expected. This concept is different
Deviations : This is again a deviation from the prescribed norms but which has been experienced in real life in the course of Event Analysis. A similar line of thinking could be applied to the bhukti-lord to understand the nature and type of events. This concept is different
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Dasha Decides for All : The life and times are being ruled by the Vimshottari Dasha or the time-line is a fact which is validated by all those involved with the subject. If a person tries to evaluate the chart of a prospective client based on the clients Dasha then the dasha of the person predicting or analyzing such charts needs to be favorable to give correct predictions. It is worth pondering over this interactive relative phenomenon. This concept is different
If you deserve to Know : This is being stated due to such experience in periods relating to health issue one does not review the chart even if having done research on the subject on a daily basis. On second thoughts it is a mechanism by way of which you suffer or undergo that what you have to. It could be that streak of the almighty designer who decides what and when, one can know. This could be a probable explanation so as to suggest that one needs to check the mutual dashas and then offer to predict.
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Din-Varsha : Dashas are the projected flow of moon through all the stars in the signs based on the number of years allocated to each star. The total being 120 years. The concept of Din-Varsha i.e.. each day after the birth represents 1 year of life hence the first 120 days from the birth date shall give information as to the how and why of events. Using KP it becomes easy to review this concept as the sub or sub-sub will  definitely change for each day that you advance. The birth chart represents day one and year one for you.
Dasha Degrees : Dasha Degrees is a concept where 120 years of the dasha years are equated to 120 degrees and then 1 degree is allocated to each year. If the Dasha degrees are then added to the degrees of all the 7-planets, 2-Nodes at the first instance, then one can visualize that all the global entities in your chart then become person specific, you can see them changing the cusps in time and can thus explain events. In this scheme you can exercise a choice of using the moon alone or all of them. This concept is different
Dasha Degrees & KP : Once we can represent the Time-Line or the Vimshottari Dasha in terms of degrees then Dasha Transits and finding and using the Star-Lord Sub-Lord technique in KP based on the Dasha degrees is illuminating. This concept is different
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Dasha Degrees at work : One does not need any computing power as all you have to do is add the number of years to each planet and see in which house they will move to in your birth chart based on the birth cusps. It can be comfortably used to do a spot analysis in the absence of any tools. This concept is different
Star and Sub : In other pages we have given a single page table which can be used to find the Star and sub based on KP number system to explore the dasha degree concept. This is again a deviation from the prescribed KP norms.
Extended Dasha Degrees : Dasha Degrees have been extended further by equating the allocated number of years to each planet as the equivalent degrees, so moon or any entity gets a proportional span in terms of degrees corresponding to the number of years allocated to each of them. Add these to the birth planets position and use as dasha transit in the birth chart. Again the star-lord and sub-lord of the new positions can explain to an imaginative mind. The extended dasha degrees are an exact representation of the dashas. This is again a deviation from the prescribed KP norms. This concept is different
Learn to relate : In a 3 level Dasha your focus has to be on only the 3 period lords and their interacting relations and or dependencies. In real time transit you can experience a cross relationship based on the sign, star or sub. If you are able to cross check with your mental picture or your thought process with the Dasha lords in transit then you have reached a stage in self analysis and thereby the events. It is worth noting and then reviewing daily events to sharpen your understanding and in time you can master the concept, simply by doing it yourself. This concept is different
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Having used it : The author has tried this technique when an event relating to an expected Cheque on a specific date, the clients staff calls up and informs that the cheque be collected a day earlier. The staff member was requested to check again and he came back saying that an error was noticed in the year of issue  of cheque and since the authorized signatory was not available it would be available only the next day.
Using the technique : The other experiments conducted were with Stocks, in selecting which ones are suitable for the current dasha period and the duration of holding them. The portfolio analysis is another interesting event to try and understand why you have what you have in stocks.
Active Cusps : In transit if you plot the current cusps based on the birth charts reference Cusp, then the Current Cusps will occupy houses with reference to the Birth Cusps. These active cusps with their Cusp-Controllers are to be treated as additional 12 entities. The Cusp which occupies House-1 with its controllers relays information about the mental frame-work or the state of the Mind. Active Cusp-1 would always be the Current ascendant based on the users location. Likewise each active cusp will occupy some house to relate a story for that house. At times none of the Current Cusps would be occupying a house and some houses would have multiple cusps in them. An active imagination could un-fold a picture for you as these active cusps are faster than the planets. These active cusps will obviously explain the current activity. If you learn to relate with all these entities then as stated earlier Events are yours to See. This concept is different
Event avenues for research are unlimited provided you have the resources like time, inclination and a chart to match such desires.
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Research Objective : The next research objective is with the use of neural networks or any other method which learns and adapts to analyse. This concept is different
Astro Avatar : Imagine a software or hardware framework where 'A' persons chart is used to analyse 'B' chart but then one has to overcome the barrier of 120 years of the Vimshottari dasha and proceed for the next set of 120 years and continue till the current time. This will be required if we use historical entities as a basis but in real time this could be achieved with help and resources.  Individuals think differently and such unique thinking could be used to offer event analysis. This concept is different
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Imagination with attitude : Do It Yourself concept removes the inherent limitations and barriers imposed on the learning abilities, provided you have imagination to support your attitude.
Try and remove the barrier : We have explored further to experiment with tropical charts and placidus cusps by using the Star-Lord & Sub-lord concept with the Vimshottari Dasha. Event analysis still continues to work. This concept is different
Parameters change in step : In fact the objective was to try and remove all contentious issues of ayanamsa instead of an endless debate on the same. If the offset is removed then all the parameters change in step.
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Learn to Observe : KP's Star-Lord and Sub-Lord concept also takes care of the issues related with aspects and Drishti of planets, all you need to do is go to the sub-sub level or higher and observe the lords from the Star-Lord to sub-sub lord level and compare them with your aspect information as an exercise. This concept is different
Birth Rectification based on events is possible and generally used by all concerned. The method could be different so long as it works. Using KP and ruling planets is described in his publications you will need to have access to the same.
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Experiment and understand : If the birth time is correct then all the controllers of Cusp-1 should have a reference or connection with the houses representing the parents. Sub-Lord of the Cusp-1 could be Sub of the planets owning the 4-house. In fact one can map other existing relations to the respective Cusp controllers and check. Interlinking of cusp controllers between themselves and the planets exists and should be explored. The cusp controllers could be used to evaluate the family environment at the birth date and time, based on the concept of the guardian-lords described earlier. Birth rectification needs to be validated with future events and hence needs time.
Know thy Limits : Each cusp or house can be studied to understand the how why and when. Once you understand your own compulsions and mindset then discontent can be minimized to some extent as an understanding is reached of why others react to you in a specific manner in specific times.
Event Diary : Self analysis is useful if you learn to maintain an event diary with a time log then review the same at the end of the day. Slowly in time you will start pondering about your next day events which you can check and get a feedback and go on building confidence. This concept is different
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Inertia, Keep or Shrug : Development is always a contentious issue in time and if enough of it has elapsed then inertia will play its role to the hilt. The issue of acceptance from all those who have, is not foremost in our minds as the have not segment being an un-biased group could try and taste it differently.
The Right of Choice : This research project was based on the authors need to know and he reserves the right by choice as to with whom he would communicate and or reply based on the nature of the emails either being of a personal or subjective nature.

Training : Providing training for methods used or described here are time intensive vocations and you would need to participate by selecting the options suitable for you described in the Options menu item. In short training and hand-holding is a paid service based on the potential in your chart. If the time is not conducive for your learning then you would be informed accordingly. Evaluation Service is also a part of the options page.
What is not : We have not touched the subject of Ruling Planets even if they work as they are used to offer predictions to others as an astrologer. The authors focus is only on Self Analysis by way of events and since past events are the main focus Ruling Planets are not considered in our scheme. 
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Shri Krishna Paddhati or SKP : All the techniques, methods and Interactive Teaching Tools explained here excluding Krishnamurthi Paddhati - KP & Din-Varsha, are referenced by this author as ShriKrishna Paddhati or SKP, not as a religious overtone but with reverence to the authors Father.
The defined SKP terms : Co-Owners, Guardian-Lord, Dasha-Degrees, The extended Dasha Degrees, Event Analysis, Self Analysis, Event Triggers, Teaching Tools, Click-Learning, The use of the Cusp Controllers in Transit, Active Cusps and the development concepts described earlier. The usage of the described SKP terms are reserved by and its owners and also the right to implementation in Software is not released in the public domain.
KP Astrology is all about being able to anticipate events using Krishnamurthi Paddhati of Astrology and Shrikrishna Paddhati in combination. The Natal Chart, Horoscope  or Kundali are the basis one has to use as a starting point and then apply Star Lord Sub Lord concepts.

SKP is an exclusive method which can be learned in a DIY or Do-It-Yourself  mode with advanced Click-learning concepts.

Western Astrology or Vedic Astrology if used with the concepts of KP astrology by using its Star Lord and Sub Lord concepts you could still manage to understand the concepts of Event  Analysis.
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The end use of kpastrology apart from individual predictions of life events  is the development of KP-Graphs for the use of Sentiment Analysis which can be used to monitor external events as the graphs are based on planets in transit.

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