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Introduction to Krishnamurthi Paddhati - KP
KP Introduction : The concepts of KP are also explained in depth on other pages but an additional explanation would be of interest to the readers. 7-Planets, 2-Nodes and the 12-Cusp, are the 21 entities of primary concern to us.
Resolve by Parts : The 12-Signs are together allocated 27 Nakshatras or Stars hence each sign is allocated 27/12 stars and each star is having a span of 360 degrees / 27 or 800 minutes. This is the basic traditional approach to create sections in each sign so as to infer a specific effect or event. The stars in each sign are being owned by other planets. The only exceptions are Jupiter and Sun as they have their own star in their own signs. All other planets as Lords of specific signs do not have their owned stars in the signs allotted to them.
It takes two : It simply means that a house event cannot be triggered by the owner of the sign alone but it needs two to create such an eventuality. If one studies the allocation of stars in signs then your depth of event analysis will improve substantially. The allocation of stars in Signs has been in existence well before KP. The modality or concept of this distribution of stars has been improved upon based on the computation of the Vimshottari Dasha system to create smaller sub sections in each star based on the number of years allocated to each planet in the Dasha system.
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At last the Sub : The word Sub has latched on as the basis of precision in KP. It is very obvious that in a Sign of 30 degrees or 1800 minutes span, a star is 800 minutes, and 2-1/4 stars are allocated to each sign hence the level of precision was only to this extent but if you sub-divide 800 minutes across 7-Planets and 2-Nodes then precision is in place to explain within those 800 minutes.
Action Ladder : The 21 entities referenced earlier now have more parameters to explain their actions. The base level is the Sign-Lord, then comes the lord of the star and finally the lord of the Sub. So a transiting or the birth planets actions are represented by Sign-Star-Sub, this is a linear mode in top down order.

Linear Rule : This mode is applied to all the 21 entities. All the cusps with their respective Sign-Star-Sub shall denote the designed events for each house. The Sign-Lord defines the overall nature of the house, the Star-Lord gives more information concerning events for the house. The Sub-Lord by its ownership of the houses shall define whether the events of that house shall be favorable or not. In all such analysis their respective placements in the chart will modify the results.
Sign / Star / Sub
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Apply the Linear Rule : This linear rule being applied to all entities minimizes the confusion and gives direction to the user to try and reach  the next mile-stone. Let us now recap the resultant inferences and effects. A planet in a House / Sign thereby is more powerful than the owner of the House / Sign. In other words the occupant as the source of events through its owned houses is powerful than the owner of the House / Sign. In a similar case the planet in a star is more powerful than its Star-Lord to provide for the effects of the owned houses of the star-lord. The planet occupying such a star has contributed the effects of its owned house to the star-Lord and through its owned houses.
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Cusp Controllers : The Cusp controllers are the Sign-Star-Sub, of these the Star-Lord is important as it defines the event for that Cusp / House. The Sub-Lord has the power to negate the effects proposed by the same house and has the final authority. In such a scenario if a planet is occupying the house under consideration it may occupy any of the stars in the span of that house and it will also be in a specific Sub, the effects of such a planet then should be finally under the control of the cusp Star-Lord and Sub-Lord and if they support then the occupying planet can perform to its optimum potential.
Why you are Different : Cusps are important as they the are ones which change in time and are faster than the planets and they are the ones which can differentiate between co-borns and the events in their lifetime. Since we are trying to understand a concept let us postpone the arguments over the correctness of the birth time and the validity of the same to avoid an argumentative frame of mind. The planets position may not change at the Sub-Lord level for the co-borns. It could change at a higher levels.
The Levels : The 1st level of division of a Sign is the Star, 2nd level is the Sub, the 3rd is Sub-Sub, the 4th is SS4, 5th is SS5, 6th level is SS6, or more levels will add to more details to the planets and the cusps. Let us synchronies with the 2nd level i.e.. the Sub for now and continue and explore the path to the next milestone.
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The Action Significators : Significators of a house are the planets which are placed in the stars of the occupants of a house. The planet itself, occupying the said house. Planets in the Stars of the owner of the house and finally the Lord of the house are all termed as the significators of the house. They give good results for the said house provided the Sub portion occupied by them is a significator of good houses. The good and bad effects are relative to ones perception of the same. The good and bad are termed as benefic and malefic effects.
Cusp Sub-Lord : If the sub-Lord of the first cusp is not the significator of the house-1 then such a person will not be concerned much about self and the primary focus will be on the houses signified by the sub-lord.
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Projections : If the star-lord is the lord of the 12th house, no planet is occupying the 12th house but this star-lord of cusp-1 is placed in house-9  in his own star then the houses signified by this star-lord are 9 & 12. Now if the Sub is placed in 3rd house in his own-star and owns houses 5 & 6 then this sub says more of the projected events of 9 & 12 with that of 3,5 & 6 houses. If we do a visual elimination of opposing houses then house-5 alone will give the overall results based on who occupies and the cusp controllers of house-5. House-5 is also the house of gains of the opponent in this case. Such a person has to give and in giving he creates. The houses 3,6, 9 & 12 will imply a lot a changes in ones lifetime. This happens when such planets come as Vimshottari Dasha period lord, or in the periods or sub-periods of other lords placed in the stars of the cusp controllers.
Power of the Star-Lord and Sub-Lord : The owned houses of the planet as a Star-lord or Sub-Lord stand modified if its houses are occupied. If such a planet has planets in its stars then results are further modified by such planets placed in the stars of the planet under consideration. Such modified results can be expected in the Vimshottari Dasha when the related period lords follow in the specified order in time.
Event Triggers : The action of planets in the respective Dashas as prescribed is based on the effects sanctioned by the Star-Lord of the Dasha-Lord signifying a set of houses, the sub portion occupied by the Dasha-Lord defines the good or bad based on the sub being a significator of good houses.
KP Astrology is all about being able to anticipate events using Krishnamurthi Paddhati of Astrology and Shrikrishna Paddhati in combination. The Natal Chart, Horoscope  or Kundali are the basis one has to use as a starting point and then apply Star Lord Sub Lord concepts.

SKP is an exclusive method which can be learned in a DIY or Do-It-Yourself  mode with advanced Click-learning concepts.

Western Astrology or Vedic Astrology if used with the concepts of KP astrology by using its Star Lord and Sub Lord concepts you could still manage to understand the concepts of Event  Analysis.
KP NO 23-41 KP NO 42-62 KP NO 63-83 KP NO 84-105 KP NO 106-124
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The end use of kpastrology apart from individual predictions of life events  is the development of KP-Graphs for the use of Sentiment Analysis which can be used to monitor external events as the graphs are based on planets in transit.

KP-Graphs can be used to monitor 11 major World Indices of Stock Markets and 7 commodities like ALUMINIUM, LEAD, ZINC, COPPER, GOLD, SILVER,  NICKEL, NATURAL GAS, CRUDE OIL.
Day trading in 11 major world Indices is now available to you. We have KP-Graphs of NZ50 of New Zealand, AORD of Australia, N225 of Japan, KS11 of South Korea, TWII of Taiwan, SSEC of China, HSI of Hong Kong, NIFTY of India, FTSE of United Kingdom, GDAXI of Germany, DJI of USA all are available for Intraday trading or Day trading based on the said index Options or Index futures. Plan your intraday trading strategies based on KP-Graphs and improve your trading success.

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 KP-Graphs of AORD of Australia based on Moon compare it with AORD

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